Frequently Asked Questions

What is
  • (Beelocal) is a web-platform where you can find local products & services, which will be delivered wherever you want!
What does BeeLocal mean?
  • BeeLocal stands for: "BEE a Positive Traveler for LOCAL Communities". Our intention is to offer you ANY local product or service that you may need!
What measures are we taking during this pandemic?
    1. All our Heroes (Shoppers) are delivering with protective masks and use hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes during the whole process of the order.
    2. Now our local clients can also pay their orders online.
    3. We launched the option of "Zero-Contact" Delivery, where your order is left on your doorstep (request this option with your Hero!) *Only applicable for orders paid online.
    4. We have provisionally eliminated the need for our customers to sign when receiving their order.
    5. We will add new services for our local clients that will be aligned with the current situation (express delivery, laundry delivery, improved restaurant and pharmacy section etc.)
What measures can you take during this pandemic?
    1. Always choose to pay online if possible, this way you will lower the physical interaction; protecting yourself, our shoppers, and the community!
    2. Request the "Zero-Contact" Delivery; this way you will be notified when your order is outside your door and you will be able to pick it up, without the need to interact with the shopper.
    3. Always make sure to disinfect your perishables and wash your hands after putting away your order.
Why use
  • Save time! Whether you live in Playa del Carmen or you are on holidays, forget about waiting in long lines at the supermarket, or visiting various stores to get the best local products! Through you can do your groceries from any mobile device and delegate this task to a passionate team who works with the top local businesses to deliver you the best of Playa.
  • Variety of payment methods! Pay for your purchase online with any credit/debit card or through Paypal. Do you prefer to pay upon delivery? Don't worry, our personnel will bring the mobile card terminal, so you can make the payment with any debit/credit card on site, or you can pay in cash!
  • We stand behind our service 100%! We are so confident you will be delighted by the quality of our service, that we stand behind it 100%! Please let us know if you are unsatisfied with any aspect or your purchase and we will commit on finding a solution you'll be pleased with.
  • We care about the environment! At we make an effort to contaminate the environment and our community as little as possible. We try to make our whole administration digital: from the communication with our clients and employees to our accounting. Likewise, our operation is subject to the same standard: we develop multiple delivery routes which are chosen by our clients, to affect our surroundings as little as possible. Additionally, the groceries are delivered in re-usable bags, which will be exchanged for new ones on your next delivery.
How much does the service cost and when will I get my purchase?
  • Shipping and Delivery: Shipping and Delivery
  • Resident Client Program: Upon validation of an official document stating you are a resident of Playa del Carmen, you will benefit from a special rate, depending on your purchase amount. Visit the following link to learn about these benefits.
How do I pay?
  • Debit/Credit Card: Pay online from the security of Stripe. We accept any type of card.
  • Through Paypal: Pay from the security of PayPal. You can use any type of card: MasterCard, Visa, Visa Electr├│n, Maestro, American Express, Discover and Aurora!
  • Cash Upon Delivery: If you prefer, you can pay in cash post-delivery!
Am I within the delivery area?
  • Delivery Area * If you reside outside the coverage area, please contact us at and we will do our very best to deliver your purchase!
How do I change or cancel an order?
  • Once you have made an order, you can change or cancel it, as long as you notify our Customer Service Team 6 hours prior to your delivery time. Our Customer Service Team can be contacted through: Whatsapp/SMS 984 8043872, Chat, or E-mail In either case, you will be responsible to make sure our team has received your notification, either through a verbal or e-mail confirmation. Although we will do everything possible, for logistical reasons, can not guarantee that the changes received outside the required time minimum, will be applied. In these cases, we reserve our right to accept said changes or not.
What do I do if I forgot my password?
How can I change my shipping address information?
How can I see the status of my order?
  • Access the link "My Order"on the right site of our webpage.
How do I search for a product?
  • You can enter the product directly into the search bar or look through the main categories!
Hoy do I add a product that is not in your catalogue?
  • You can add any product that you don't find on our page by accessing the grey button "Add missing Product" located in the center of all product pages. We will do our best to get it for you!
Why are some of the delivered products different
than the ones from my original order?
  • This can be due to the fact that some products might not be available at the time. In these cases we proceed to deliver the most similar product to the one you ordered. You will always have the option not to accept the chosen product/s. In case you already paid the total amount of the purchase beforehand, and decide not to accept the replaced items, we will proceed to refund the cost of said articles with BeeLocal Points or through the same way your payment was made.
Why is the total amount to be paid upon delivery
different than the one form the original order?
  • You might have added extra products that were not in our catalogue, some of the items may have not been available, or the products that were not available were replaced by products with different prices. In any case, the price of some articles on our webpage is an approximate: the exact price will be updated once it is delivered by our suppliers. You will always have the option not to accept the chosen product/s; in case you paid the total amount of the items purchased beforehand, and decide not to accept them, we will proceed to refund the cost of said articles with BeeLocal Points or through the same way your payment was made.
I did not find the answer to my question. What shall I do?
  • Please click on the online chat on the right bottom part of our web page or write us at We are here to serve you!
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